Seattle Snowpocalypse

This will work in the Dutch snow as well as in the Seattle snow …  😉

I always have some of those zip ties in my velomobile and only my rear tire will need some of them …..

via Seattle Snowpocalypse.

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  1. I have a few of these zip ties so I am curious to know if it had better traction on the snow. It seems like a good simple solution


  2. It will only work on the backtire of a velomobile for a short while. First you have to have enough space between the fork. Second:No tyre dynamo or V- breaks or fenders. You need also enough space between tire en the chain.
    It was tested last winter in Leiden on a Fujin. It did only work for a few hundred meters. Than a lot of the tyrips were already snapped.
    Then the pressure in the tyres was lowered. Tyrips mounted again en and put a little more pressure in the tire. The tyrips were ‘bedded in’. That works better.
    The bike was not stable on snow free pavement and Icy snow tracks. The sticky snow became a bump on the tyre. No succes for all the effort put in to it.
    Not for dutch winter anyway. When it’s freezing very hard, the snow becomes dry and less sticky. Maybe it will work then. But will you chose for a bike as transport then?
    After this disappointing experiens we have been brainstorming about a thin steel cable twisted around the tyre and rim, but that will ware out and puncture te tyre. No succes.

    btw. On the foto de lock of the tyrib is sometimes on the tyre. They must be on the rim, because you can’t corner that way. It will be slippery anyway. The tyrips are hard plastic and have no grip.

    It’s easier to use a MTB tire or winter tire from Schwalbe with spikes.
    The Furious Fred works great in snow and even on Ice. (lower pressure) On an normal dry track it will run fast. (High pressure)


    1. “It will only work on the backtire of a velomobile for a short while”.
      That is exactly what I was aiming at. My commute is 25 kilometers, so when snow or ice surprises me on my commute home, I only need a cheap and simple solution for a short while.
      When I like an expensive and difficult solution, I use my motorhome/camper. 😉


  3. I have a hybrid tyre so it would be more difficult to use this method from what you say. Also I would assume that it only works with disc brakes thinking about it because the zip ties would get in the way of the V brakes on the rim. It gets me thinking about different solutions anyway. Ben


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