I’ve been stupid !

Two weeks ago I found out that the 11 and 12 teeth sprockets of my cassette needed to be renewed. But I was not able to find any bike shop where they just had the small sprockets with 11 and 12 teeth. There was only a small shop who had a complete cassette in stock. It was cheap ( 23 euro), so I decided to buy it.

But a few days ago it started to freeze and from then on I had problems with the cassette. The freewheel is freewheeling not only when I stop pedalling or when pedalling backwards, but all the time ! Sometime I was lucky and it was working properly, but I lost my confidence . I had a check yesterday, to be sure that I had installed the new cassette properly and it was OK. Maybe the freewheel needs some cleaning and oil ?

So in the end I decided to call Velomobiel.nl and order a new cassette and a new chain. I should have done so a few weeks ago  ……..  Now with all the beautiful white snow , I am not able to commute with my Quest ;-(