The solution is not the problem !

Now there’s no problem anymore with the drive-train in my velomobile. I ordered a new chain, cassette, and freewheel and Ymte did as usual; it was here two days later! I renewed all the things as soon as the weather allowed me to. And since then I had no problems at all.

So when I was assured that the solution was perfect ; I started to search for the failure ……        Johan T. already suggested (in an email) that a little bit of oil in the freewheel whould do wonders. A bike shop in Middelburg did the same trick once with his mango-velomobile and it worked !

I used a lot of  IMAL-oil to clean the freewheel from inside and guess what ? A lot of black and hardened grease fell on to my workbench. I cleaned and dryed the freewheel with a lot of compressed air. Later on used a lot of thin oil to lubricate the inside again…..   This simpel treatment worked wonderful , so it seems I have a “used, but still working” spare freewheel.

I’ll keep in mind that next October, when I give the velomobile a pre-winter treatment, I must not forget to clean the freewheel again.  The  not-dissolving is the problem, not the solution.  (free to Theo Maassen)

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