Science can answer moral questions

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  1. Wow. Sorry, man… But I think this fella is one world class imperialistic moron. Just to hear a Unitedstatesian jest about the people his country is in the process of murdering (Taliban joke) is enough to discredit whatever half cooked pseudo philosophy he’s trying to peddle.


  2. Dude, there are no physical laws. We have strong theories. Some of which approach reproductible working models. This poor ignorant deaf musician likes the science brochure, but he’s never been at the real beach. I’m all for positivism, but all the way, not just to mock what we don’t understand. I’m an atheist. I think the existence of a God (especially the versions we’ve been sold) is very unlikely. But until I’ve managed to PROVE scientifically that there isn’t, claiming his non-existence as fact is a fallacy. The Enlightenment has not yet reached our brains, I’m afraid. We are living in a medieval world armed with sci-fi gear.

    I think it’s time for people to grow out of that old carcass and start thinking.


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