“Educate yourself !” has been yelled a lot lately in the many demonstrations of the peace movement, black lives matter movement, climate change movement, etc, etc. So I started doing what I had planned for much longer … I started to read Marx’s “das Kapital” and now I’m busy with Piketty’s “Capital and Ideology”. IContinue reading “Reading”

My Sandwalk …

Charles had his Sandwalk near his house … mine is on the former work-island Neeltje Jans. I always walk in the company of my dog Hitch, named after Christopher Hitchens. My Sandwalk Away from the screaming advertising, the ever-present social obligations, the populists demanding political attention, the ignorant demanding people, the talk shows, the opinion-makers,Continue reading “My Sandwalk …”

Max van Weezel (1951-2019)

Bron: Max van Weezel (1951-2019): zinnebeeld van de Haagse journalistiek | De Volkskrant I grew up with the interpretation of Max. Of all the journalists who mattered, his method appealed to me the most. His voice over the radio led me through the political landscape of the Netherlands. My political paradigm is largely a legacyContinue reading “Max van Weezel (1951-2019)”

fake news

I collected from different sites some lists with fake news ….. 21st Century Wire: (zie Fake News Watch, MBFC) 70News: 800Whistleblower: ABC News ( (this is not the real ABC News) Accuracy in Media (AIM): (zie MBFC) ACN Latitudes: (zie MBFC) Activist Post: (zie Fake News Watch, MBFC) Alternet: (zie MBFC) Althealth Works: althealthworks.comContinue reading “fake news”

If you read the newspaper …

If you do not read the newspaper, you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you have been misinformed. The successful newspapers and television stations are successful because they tell you and show you what they think you want to read and see. Therefore, here is a list of newspapers and magazines that IContinue reading “If you read the newspaper …”

Is it autumn?

Because we live on the coast, we don’t see autumn in nature as clearly as in woodlands.  [satire mode on] That’s why we went to the Ardennes to see firsthand how naturally fall looks for forest dwellers. Nowadays, with climate change, you do not know how things stand with the seasons. Science is only a belief, theyContinue reading “Is it autumn?”