Is it autumn?

Because we live on the coast, we don’t see autumn in nature as clearly as in woodlands.  [satire mode on] That’s why we went to the Ardennes to see firsthand how naturally fall looks for forest dwellers. Nowadays, with climate change, you do not know how things stand with the seasons. Science is only a belief, theyContinue reading “Is it autumn?”

my first walk without blind-gut …

My blind-gut or appendix got infected and gave lots of pain … so it is surgically removed in hospital.     After the anesthesia, I saw only three small taped wounds on my nice shaved abdomen … Decades ago it was necessary to stay in hospital for a week. Now I tried to make aContinue reading “my first walk without blind-gut …”

de Kaloot

De Kaloot is a beach next to the power plant in Borsele. A clean-up campaign had been organized, to which Marjan wanted to participate.   A simple Facebook call was enough to gather enough people.     I tried to make a photo report.     Especially the very small plastic particles are disastrous forContinue reading “de Kaloot”