de Kaloot

De Kaloot is a beach next to the power plant in Borsele.

A clean-up campaign had been organized, to which Marjan wanted to participate.


A simple Facebook call was enough to gather enough people.



I tried to make a photo report.



Especially the very small plastic particles are disastrous for foraging birds.




Nature lovers are above average often in possession of a good photo camera …



Lines and stripes …




It is very important to involve children …



respect for nature and environment is passed on from father to sons …







The small particles of plastic can not be collected with machines, but many hands can clean up a lot in a relatively short time …



Friendly well-meaning people …




Heavy work in rainy cold weather …










The power of the cooling-water-outlet gives a huge thermal pollution.

But in one way or another this pollution is less obvious for people …




I hope everyone is aware that the solution lies in preventing waste from arising.


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too old to die young, but still making love and not war

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