Is it autumn?

Because we live on the coast, we don’t see autumn in nature as clearly as in woodlands. 

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That’s why we went to the Ardennes to see firsthand how naturally fall looks for forest dwellers. Nowadays, with climate change, you do not know how things stand with the seasons. Science is only a belief, they say in America … and they can know it. 

Le Tombeau du Géant

Fortunately, we saw clearly that it was autumn. Our dear Lord is still in control under nature. 

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some photos in this album …

But we also saw the extremely low water level in the Semois. 

Due to the long dry summer of 2018 in Europe, nature around the rainwater rivers is undergoing extremely difficulties. Due to the drought, only life that is flexible enough to survive a drought period longer than a year will survive. Life that necessarily needs a lot of rain every year will have or will be decimated.

I know that the ever-changing climate is one of the engines behind evolution. I wonder whether current human societies are able to adapt quickly enough to the new conditions. Herbert Spencer and Charles Darwin said more than 100 years ago “evolution is survival of the fittest”.

Are we fit ? 

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