Farmers spray a lot of water nowadays …

Farmers spray a lot of water nowadays … But the natural environment still contains sufficient moisture in all shapes and forms, which is clearly visible after a relatively cool night and a cloudless warm day. A naturally mixed forest with a dense undergrowth can buffer and retain a lot of moisture. Unfortunately, as a resultContinue reading “Farmers spray a lot of water nowadays …”

Just sitting on our porch, wasting time …

Wealth is a deep understanding of the natural world. Bill Mollison An intensive monoculture is the breeding ground for unwanted viruses and diseases … That is why people should keep 1.5 meters away from each other …But how many cows, chickens, pigs, etc. are kept in a modern barn?How much corn, wheat, soy, grain, etc.Continue reading “Just sitting on our porch, wasting time …”

These eyes will witness the world I’ll leave behind …

Especially now, in the year 2019, in which the Dutch politics (by becoming aware of a rapidly changing climate) reluctantly published the much-needed choices, these eyes for me have become a motivation to live environmentally conscious too. Of course, the measures are not nearly as effective as necessary. And of course, the plans are basedContinue reading “These eyes will witness the world I’ll leave behind …”

the changing climate

I often consider memes have the same function as photos … they tell more than a thousand words. During discussions on climate change and energy transition that I have with friends and colleagues, I often think of memes I’ve seen. It strikes me that the meaning of words and concepts is slowly but surely changing.Continue reading “the changing climate”

Progressive International

It’s time for progressives of the world to unite ! The time has come for progressives to form a grassroots movement for global justice: to mobilize workers, women and the disenfranchised all around the world behind a shared vision of democracy, prosperity, sustainability, and solidarity. Our Progressive International will reach out to communities in everyContinue reading “Progressive International”