antique plate fell off the wall

sorry !
It hung many years in the kitchen of the old farmhouse called “de Haar”. Then my mother had it and I inherited the plate after she died.

According to the Dutch saying “Scherven brengen geluk”,  I’m now waiting for the luck that is supposed to come 🙂

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    1. You’re right. It will never be quite the same. I tried not to curse loudly when it happened, because I realised that my grandfather would not like that.
      A few minutes later I put things in perspective ….. Live goes on, some things get old and other not ….. and plates do not belong on walls 😉
      That SORRY was for all the family that read this blog.

      But David, thanks for your advice.


  1. A piece of glass with my personal logo put on it about 8 years ago fell too today…. guess we’re not alone. =( It looks like it was really nice!


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