Last weekend we were in “de Achterhoek“, where I was born and bred. We visited my sister in Vorden. I saw some old family-stuff and made some pictures of it …….

For instance this little old Bible.

As usual in our family tradition, there is always something memorable inside a book…….. Mostly old press cuttings from old newspapers.

It was rainy weather, but despite the dark clouds I took some “Indian summer”-like photos while walking through the woodlands around “het Knopenlaantje”.

And we found a secret; the recept of the famous “Zwanenhalzen”. Aunt Riek Scholten gave it to my mother many many years ago. It was written on this old paper ……….  The secret is not in the ingredients, but in the skills during the preparation 😉

It is funny to find this blog , written by one of the descendants of the baker, called Maartje Kuperus.

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