GPS-route to OBT

I’m planning a route to the “oliebollentocht”, it will be 150 km one-way. The route will follow the LF13.

All in all it will be roughly 370 km on one day. Hmm, maybe too much for me. Have to find out if there is some other way ….. I could go for speed and straight lines by following highways , but I just happen to like the touristic  and meander LF 13 .

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4 thoughts on “GPS-route to OBT

  1. One of these years I will join you and the other Huneliggers for Oliebollentocht.

    It sounds and looks like a wonderful time is had by all.


  2. Hey Wilfred and David,

    I’m planning to visit family living near Tilburg. The Dutch saying is “twee vliegen in één klap ” (kill two birds with one stone), so it’ll be fine.
    I think it’s a nice idea that the OBT will become a more and more international event in the future. Velonauts without borders !


  3. Ik also considered to combinate the OBT with christmasholidays in ‘the Beekse Bergen’. But I decided to go by ‘right-up bike’ together with two of my sons. So no Mango and no OBT.
    I know of earlier experiences that the LF13 has some unpaved tracks. So you will have to take time.
    But it is a very nice route.


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