Every year I think of the way he died.

Free minds are outlawed in the United States of America, even with their “First Amendment“. Many years ago it was shown in the last scene of “Easy Rider”. In fact; when I’m on the road in my velomobile, I experience similar situations (okay, only without the shotgun).

John’s dead occurred because of a similar effect. He chose to emigrate to a country where the monopoly of force is not assigned only to the government, but instead every person has the right to own a weapon ………… And now in the USA they are organizing a “Tea Party“.  In the Netherlands they call their political organisation a “Party for Freedom“. The words used by these libertarians usually stand for the contrary ……….

In memory of John, just this song with his answer to all those scoundrels ……

There is a guy who sees himself as an amateur historian on John and his musical career. I like his YouTube channel, it’s worth a visit !

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  1. Thank you for posting this Wim

    The death of John was a loss to the whole planet whether it understands that or not.

    Even though I was born here I have stopped thinking of America as a civilized country. The Tea Party brings that ever to the forefront.


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