Bullitt and Mo

I took ‘m out to the beach ……….

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8 thoughts on “Bullitt and Mo

  1. That’s wonderful. Mo is a very well trained dog. Very impressive. I’ve been thinking about getting a small dog. Sort of like Russel The Velo Dog.
    We had dogs when I was quite small and I had a dog named Barney from the time I was 15 to 31. It’s been 26 years and I still miss Barney dearly.


    1. One of the reasons I bought the Bullitt was that Mo doesn’t fit in my Quest.
      We already had Mo when I bought the velomobile and I don’t want to place him at a disadvantage, just because I like my Quest so much ………


  2. Our last dog (sadly missed) had one serious flaw, in that she got really angry at anyone aboard a bike – yes, even at her owner…so I virtually gave up cycling for several years as a result!

    I agree with David that Mo looks very well trained, and knows exactly where the beach is – beautiful dog and an amazing video Wim :>D


  3. Ha Wim,
    Wat mooi om te zien dat Mo zo goed naast de Bullit loopt en te zien èn te horen wat een goed koppel jullie zijn.
    Groeten vanuit Emmen,
    Wim en Hetty


    1. Jao, Mo kan ‘t wel waardeer’n um zo deur ‘t Zeeuwse land hen te stief’ln. Veural op ‘t strand kan ‘e zich kats neet inholn. Hee batert zo dwars deur de golv’n de zee in, zo a’j zeen kunt.

      Goed gaon,


  4. Wim, a great video! The Bullit cargo bike seems to be just perfect for Mo, you and Mo’s toy – the latter one fis just right! 😉
    A great dog indeed! He’s gotten a lot more grey since the last time I’ve seen him – how old is he now?

    Greetings and have fun!


    1. Hello Daniel,
      Mo is 8 years old now and still going strong. I can advice to take a dog beside your bike, it makes cycling a lot easier ! Although I don’t think Mo can handle your 40.000 kilometer- trips 😉


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