Video Camera Cyclists (via The Views of a Cyclist from Croydon)

In the Netherlands we (cyclists) should register more and more situations on our daily commute. Not only to use as evidence in court, but mainly to show the rest of the world how infrastructure for cyclists is organised here …..

For examples of “how to” and “why” GAZ545 made a list of cyclist who are experienced.

Recently cyclists have been in the news regarding the rise in numbers of us using video cameras. The report states that we use them to record evidence of drivers behaving badly and the evidence can be used in the courts to convict drivers that would otherwise get away with dangerous driving. But just how many of us are there? Well i’m subscribed to all the cyclists i know of that use cameras, there are many more that don’t post online that i am n … Read More

via The Views of a Cyclist from Croydon

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