Cap for my Quest.

I decided to order a cap for my velomobile at a webshop ; velomobielonderdelen (“velomobile-parts” in English). The famous Wim Schermer is starting the production of these caps soon. He thinks the production will be about three per week. It’s not cheap, but I’m not able to make them better and cheaper myself. Wim (and his friends) have optimised the model after a lot of experimenting kilometers.

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One thought on “Cap for my Quest.

  1. Ah yes, the racecap. I’ve got one for my Quest, not sure who built it, but its useful for the racing. Its not as finished as Wim’s, but it works.

    However, I’ve been looking real hard at the one you have pictured. Would be nice to have it stored in two pieces in the back of the Quest, ready to attach to the foam cover as needed.


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