impressive lecture …

… by Nader Khalili. Takes 90 minutes, but is worth watching.

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  1. Thank you for posting this video. I visited the Cal-Earth campus in Hesperia, Ca the day of Khalili’s memorial service. Click on this
    Nader Khalili Memorial video link to see scenes from that day. If I ever lose my house in an earthquake, then I’m replacing with a Cal-Earth house.

    Next stop for me: May in NL!


  2. We in Eastchester have the state-of-the-art shroarw stencil that we used to put our 3 miles down. We will lend it to anyone that would like to use it. Please just contact me and I will get it for you. Your DPW will have the requisite paint. July and August are the best time to put the paint down on the roadway, it has to be very warm to fully adhere.I can also help you steward this through your local muni’s bureaucracy. Little cost, just the very inexpensive paint and some man hours. Little political hurdles – shroarws just make sense.


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