My roots …

… are in “de Achterhoek” , near a small village called Vorden. I went there just to catch some memories. Ofcourse every time I get the chance I visit the graveyard where lots of my forefathers are buried. because ; “A’j oe veurolders neet eert, bu’j oe name neet weerd” ( “If you don’t honour your ancestors,…………..You’re not worthy to use your surname“)

I camped one night on “camping de Boomgaard” owned by a cousin of me. It’s a Vekabo- camping. It was good to hear the dialect of this region again.

I visited some shops, but also strolled through the woodlands with my dog. 40 years ago I have been hiking with my aunt’s dog through the same woods without any problem. But nowadays I’m not allowed to do anything; no smoking, keep my dog leashed, keep on the track, …….   I think that the foundation “het Geldersch Landschap” ruined the landscape architecture with regulations and by stopping the vitality of nature. They regard ” de Achterhoek” as an enormously private garden for their members.

One of the voluntary workers  made perfectly clear that I was not welcome in the woods on “de Lochemse berg” if I didn’t keep my dog leashed. It made me sad …

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  1. “If you don’t honour your ancestors,…………..You’re not worthy to use your surname“

    I was riding with my oldest daughter (19) on our tandem through a near by grave yard. We spoke about this very thing, to honor those who come before us. I have traveled to see the burial pl;aces of our ancestors, to see the stones that bear witness of their existence. I told her that when my time comes that I want to be buried with a marker so that those who come after can reach out as I have to those who came before.


  2. I grew up on the outskirts of Washington DC. Outskirts that were farmland, pastures and woods. The farms are gone, the pastures are massive subdivisions and highways and what woods there once were, have been “improved” to the point where they are unrecognizable. I have not been back there is over 15 years as it would break my heart to see what has been done.


      1. Absolutely. What they called improvement, I call destroyed, Woods that I played in now have concrete side walks instead of earthen path ways. The creeks where there was once life, these creeks are under ground in concrete tunnels.


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