Five Fingers

Yesterday I bought these “shoes” , just because I was curious how they would “feel”. Well, you don’t feel them at all ! It is as if you forgot to put your shoes on ……   But although I only wear them for two days now, I already know that I like them a lot. They advised me to get used to them slowly; that my muscles would need some time to get stronger. So that’s what I’ll do, only use them in and around the house.

People react the same way as they do when I’m in my velomobile; so I’m used to it ….  😉

9 thoughts on “Five Fingers

  1. ziet er helemaal top uit…………en ondertussen geef je de wereld om je heen weer iets om over na te denken!! 😉
    Lijkt me heerlijk lopen!

  2. Hey Wim, I’m happy that you like them (as well). I’ve had them for 2.5 years now and love them sooooo much 🙂
    I also love my velomobile a lot, but I think I’m going to sell it (on velomobilforum)

      • Yes, several reasons. I feel bad if I don’t use it and somebody else can make more use of it at the same time: wasted resources. My Dad wants to get capacatiy in the garage. I want to move to Switzerland latest this autumn. I want to go around the world on a sail boat beginning next year.
        It’s like saying good bye to a good friend. You still love him a lot … time and distance don’t matter because he’ll always be in your heart 🙂 You understand?
        This (or similar) is the boat I want to go around the world on:

      • Hehe, shipaia and sailaia are fun 🙂 But velaia is enough as velo stands for good tools and I consider a sailboat to be another great tool for humans. Wim, you’ve read Ivan Illichs ideas about convivial tools, right?

  3. Oh, and by the way: I’ve bought new VFF KSOs in Dublin last week – after I’ve had the first pair for a looooong time 🙂 I negotiated and got them for 90 instead of 105€, lucky me

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