For the cardiologist ….

… I have to wear this holter for 24 hours so he can judge the functioning of my heart.  I wonder if he’ll see all the scars on my heart …….; the one caused by a divorce, the one I got when my first dog died, etc, etc.  I must have many 😉


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too old to die young, but still making love and not war

2 thoughts on “For the cardiologist ….

  1. Those sort of scars will not be found there, but are save in the Backpack of your life you are carrying ….
    Don’t worry about your Hart. It will get off rhythm by your worry that way.
    Don’t listen to you hartbeat but follow the beat of your hart.
    And let never others worry about your hartbeat. They don’t now. They have there own hart too worry about.
    Did it, seen it, been there. Still kicking alive!


    1. Theo , you’re right ! I think it’s the “Backpack of our Life” that makes us standing peaceful and proud .
      Thanks for your advice, you’re an example for the young …..


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