for sale

The plant where I worked for many years, is shut down. The last owner went bankrupt. It is for sale since then….      Some folks are still working in the plant for safety reasons and I am one of them. 

What do you do when something is for sale ? You make nice photos !

EPP 0303

to use it for …. 😉

or …  😉

all the stuff is already there ….. all you need is a Vision and Trust in a long-lasting ecological future !

EPP 0408

I am convinced that there is a hero somewhere who has a clear vision on how to recycle elemental phosphorus. Please help him if he asks for it. Unfortunately the European politicians choose for dependency on phosphorus from outside the Union. It means dependency for all medicines and technic that need high quality derivates of elemental phosphorus.

Although many of my colleagues are unemployed now or have found another employer, I just keep cycling to my work. Even if there’s snow all around ….

Quest 552 has served me for 12800 kilometers now.

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