Farewell to our dog.

The last welcome from Mo to me (coming home after the late shift) was yesterday. This morning Rea came by to say farewell.

Today we all said farewell to Mo. The vet is a very friendly lady. The first injection made him fall asleep and 5 minutes later the second injection stopped his heart. Now I have a feeling as if I’ve murdered my best friend ….. just hoping it’ll pass.

This is a slide show for the ones who knew him.

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  1. Ook al weet je hoofd dat het de juiste beslissing was, het hart denkt daar soms heel anders over.

    Wat een geweldige hond was jullie Mo trouwens. Mooie foto’s van een erg mooie en fijne hond.


  2. I’m very sorry for your loss Wim. Our old dog has entered his final weeks and I dread the moment you’ve gone through. The slides show that Mo had an enviable life of love and affection with you and your family. I guess that’s all that any of us could hope for.


  3. Wim, veel sterkte voor jullie, rationeel de beste beslissing.
    Emotioneel balen dat het zo afloopt met je trouwe maatje….en het feit dat je op deze manier je gevoel verwoord zegt mij genoeg.


  4. Never let that feeling that you have murdered your old friend stay with you. It is not true. I have let go of so many animals who were so much a part of my life. It is for the better and the grief will lessen. The proudest That I have been of my eldest daughter was when we have put old friends out of discomfort. She could have been out of the room, out of the house but she felt it was the least that she could do to be there with them. You are in my thoughts Wim.


  5. There is nothing harder than losing an old friend, unless it is being courageous enough to make the decision to let him go. Hugs from us here, we can share the pain of losing a beloved companion. I only met Mo once, but he was a memorable and loving dog.


  6. Thanks for all your kind words.
    They truly help me to put my distress in perspective.

    The biggest problem for me is that during the last minute before Mo fell into “sleep” we both kept staring in each others eyes. We were used to do that for years and years. It was our way of communicating with each other. Mo was able to explain he had to go out for a walk. I was able to make him clear he had to wait a few minutes for the rain to stop.
    I had a strong feeling that I wasn’t able to fool him, when we were looking in each others face.

    In that last minute, when the veterinary prepared her injection fluïd, Mo clearly showed me his strong will to stay alive, while I was trying to the utmost to communicate with my face-expression “that everything was okay” ….
    It was the first and last time that I lied to him.
    People lie every day, at home or at work, in politics or friendships. But for me, being an atheïst and rationalist, it is clear that I’ll never lie again to a dog. Especially not to my own dog.

    So no problem with my grief, but a lot of thoughts about the lies between “friends” and a relation with (human) euthanasia. In an intensive way, I experienced something that is changing my view on life.


  7. Ik had een vergelijkbare ervaring met Scott toen we die in moesten laten slapen. Je denkt er goed aan te doen, maar Scott was er ook niet aan toe. Heb er eerst veel last van gehad. Toch weet ik achteraf dat het goed was en heb je je dierbare vriend veel narigheid bespaard door een beslissing voor hem te nemen. De andere honden hadden andere problemen, Tessa dementie en Kim hartfalen, toch gemakkelijker om voor hen te beslissen. Sterkte!


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