just another blog on WordPress ….

… and it’s called wimharwigphoto .   I have too many hobbies that don’t fall under the category “views in the life of an old recumbent cyclist”.

So from now on you can follow my photowork on wimharwigphoto !


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  1. Hoi Wim, mooi verhaal. Wat het Engels betreft: verander het in ” too many hobbies” en het is “perfect” !

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

    Op 9 apr. 2013 om 13:57 heeft too old to die young het volgende geschreven:

    > >


  2. I’m glad your photography is finally getting the space that it deserves! There is one photo in your collection of Mo, on the beach, where Mo is poised waiting for the ball to be thrown. He’s in this perfect silhouette, ears up, legs apart, tail up – almost fox or wolf-like. You’d think it was stylized if you didn’t know it was a photo! I think it would be a fantastic piece if you could capture that silhouette with Photoshop for use as letterhead or anything fun to remind you of him. Anyway, here’s to your new gallery Wim!


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