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For the first time in 4 years I had a puncture on my ride home !  While I replaced the inner tube with the spare tube, there were 4 car drivers trying to help me by aiming their car-headlights on me and my velomobile. I thanked them for their kindness but explained it was not necessary.  I put on my warm Gsus-fleece that I always carry inside my Quest and tried to place the spare tube as accurate as possible…..   It took me about 10 minutes. A large iron pin (snow-brush ? )  that was too large for the Marathon Plus caused the puncture.

3 kilometers later there was a loud BANG !  I found out that I didn’t do a good job …..  The spare tube seemed to have sticked between the rim and the Marathon Plus. It showed a large tearing that was impossible to repair ! (photo)     So I had to vulcanize a sticker on the first inner tube (I threw inside the back of my Quest). I rolled a cigarette first, to get quiet and not hasty, so this time I took my time to get the job done as it should be done the first time. I was on the dyke near Ritthem where cars are not allowed and I was not disturbed by good-willing car drivers 😉 . This time I found the concentration and calmness to do the job right !

I took the torn inner tube with me in the back of Quest 552 home. And took a photo for this post….

So I had to take the tool-box with tools and spare tubes and a warm Gsus-fleece with me for 40.000 kilometers, just to be of great use for this occasion 😉

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