Two 100 hour scientific tests confirm anomalous heat production in Rossi’s E-Cat

A break-through in “cold fusion” ? At least it’s interesting to follow the experiments ….   Unfortunately I’m not educated , intelligent and wealthy enough to copy the experiments as science demands. I’ll have to wait for the real scientists !

Mats Lewan: The Biggest Shift Ever.

Glowing HotCatA group of Italian and Swedish scientists from Bologna and Uppsala have just published their report on two tests lasting 96 and 116 hours, confirming an anomalous heat production in the energy device known as the E-Cat, developed by the Italian inventor Andrea Rossi.

The report is available for download here and on

I have earlier reported extensively on the E-Cat in the Swedish technology magazine Ny Teknik, but since more than a year very little new verified information have been available. This looks different.

The conclusion of the report is that the heat production is orders of magnitude beyond any conventional chemical energy source, beaten only by nuclear based power sources. Yet the scientists have systematically made conservative assumptions in order to base the result on a worst case scenario.

“Even by the most conservative assumptions as to errors in the measurements, the result is still…

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