Last month I followed a nest of blackbirds, made photos of them, saw them being carefully raised by their parents. I learned a lot and was kind of proud that they found their first part of life in my garden ….

Today I followed the salamanders that live in my pond. Beautiful little animals that work hard to survive in a small backyard pool ….

I just saw a blackbird killing a salamander right in front of me in my own garden, tearing it apart alive in small parts. The salamander’s ability to give up its tail wasn’t of any use …. the blackbird clearly was a merciless killer !

For a short moment I felt like  ……. a God who sees his lovely creatures killing each other ….. felt a need to punish the blackbird for his ingratitude towards me …..

I realized I’m happy to be a non-believer, so I can explain the killing-fields in my backyard as a wonderful view in raw nature in which I play my part as a human.

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too old to die young, but still making love and not war

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