15 days without Canon 70D

I didn’t get any info from techRepair about the trouble with my Canon 70D camera. I’ve got a reparation-ID, but the reparation-portal doesn’t work properly. I sent them an email, but all Linda van der Mast (Customer Service) answered was ;

“De reparaties wachten op behandeling momenteel, wij doen ons best uw reparaties zsm in behandeling te nomen.
Dit zal hopelijk binnen enkele dagen zijn.”

It’s been a week since this email …… still no sign of any conclusion !  There isn’t a phone number anywhere on their site ….. maybe it’s smart of them or just lucky for me that I don’t have to pay for listening to stupid music in the hold-mode …..   Communication to customers is important and if the only existing communication is a fancy website with a lot of promises and good intentions, a bad name will not last long. And it’s not helping Canon either ……

My first impression was that techRepair is a modern and good repair center for all high quality brands ….. but my opinion is changing now ….. some call it “being experienced”.


An hour after I wrote this post, I got an email  from Linda, saying:

“Uw reparaties zijn toevallig vandaag afgehandeld. U krijgt daar zeer spoedig bericht over wanneer ze afgehaald kunnen worden.”

They must be busy …..  I can just hope they found a clear cause of malfunctioning and were able to fix it, so I can rely on the camera from now on.