all systems dead …

I came home from work today and tried the Canon 70D, just to see what it would do …. It did nothing ; all systems dead. The battery was 100% charged.

techRepair asked me to sent the camera to their repairshop again ….

“Graag wil ik u vragen om het toestel retour te zenden zodat wij er nogmaals naar kunnen kijken. Graag ontvangen wij daarbij wanneer hij de foutmelding geeft, in welke omstandig heden etc. Het liefst ontvangen wij een uitgebreide omschrijving van de klacht. Stuur ook de lader met het toestel mee zodat we daar ook even naar kunnen kijken.”

I’ve bought Canon camera’s for a long time. Started with the “Canon AE1 program” and a lot of other analogue body’s; then came digital photography so I bought the Canon A300, Canon Powershot A95, Canon Powershot G10 and the Canon Powershot G12. Through the years I became familiar with the typical Canon-menu and the Canon-vision on photography. I spend a lot of money for all these Canon products; I never used the claim of guarantee with any of these camera’s. So now is the first time in my life I have to do this ….. claim guarantee ;-(

I’m getting tired of Canon and their customer-service ; it looks like pure paperwork with promises and outsourced repair shops …..

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