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Since a week I found out that there is a group on Facebook called “Je bent een Vordenaar als …” .  It is for all the people who feel themselves as a citizen from the old village Vorden. To find some old photos that I knew I had in my possession, I opened my “archive” …… Every time I want to find an old photo fast ….. I’m busy for hours and hours … and having good memories !

a farmer in Koudekerke, plowing the old-fashioned way (1978)

the railway station in Vlissingen (1980)

sometimes my “archive” shows empty spots 😉

The Boulevard of Vlissingen (1980)

My “archive” is not perfect (I have inherited it from my father).

But somehow the system works ….

I still have all the old stuff, while most people threw it all away ….

Photographers don’t make photos to throw away ; they are valuable for posterity !


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