5 years ago

5 years ago, two of my colleagues died in an accident at the phosphorusplant where I used to work. Today I visited the plant to commemorate and honor them.


The company went bankrupt and is now being sold piece by piece and demolished. Former colleagues monitor the site during this last stage and ensure that it remains safe.
We talked about the past, about the colleagues who are going to work elsewhere and about the uncertain near future.


I find it hard to see how all the former “valuable materials” are reduced to “scrap-metal”.


The sign on the warehouse for rock phosphate says it all …

it turned out to be the latter.


We may not have worked 100% safe; we worked hard and with passion.

We argued and laughed, paused and smoked together. We helped without asking each other, we took reasoned risks and sometimes went along the edge of what was humanly possible. By doing so, some made a lot more money than they received in salary. The pride some felt when colleagues admired the physical strength while working with the slag-transport can not be expressed in monetary terms.  In 32 years I have never felt the need to find another employer.

Ruud and Ton ; I’ll never forget you and each year around 15 May you’ll be in my mind …..


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