the time I photographed analog


It was the time that the concept of “maternity photography” did not exist. It was called pornography in those days…


Analog photography took time …. a lot of time. And passion for photography, …. a lot of passion. But as a result  I have photos which repeatedly take me back in time with a happy and satisfied feeling.


Sometimes I miss the smell of my dark room, the silence during printing and the slow appearance of the print during development.



it is true; a picture is worth a thousand words ….

Sometimes I regret that I started developping my own photos too late, I made a darkroom when I moved to Vlissingen. I have only a few pictures of the time I was growing up in Vorden.


There was a boost in my photography after I married Marjan !


Lex van Wijhe was our wedding-photographer.

(we didn’t realize then that his wife would later be the founder of Ellenbrandwijkphotography.)

We hate protocol, so it was a nice and cosy mess during the group photo on the steps of City Hall 😉 


Colour became affordable and the Canon AE1-program was pretty good.


My advice to you all …… : take or make photos whenever you can.

Otherwise you’ll have to remember more than a thousend words for every memory.

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