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During a walk with my dog ​​”Hitch” through the local forest, I did some brain exercise ….

How do people pay each other in the year 2515 as one is living on Mars and the other on Venus? Which institution will arrange that kind of transactions?

Is the value of a “US dollar” on Earth as much as a dollar on Mars or Venus?

Why can people after their death leave a huge legacy for their “heirs”, but disappears a huge financial debt?

Can I compare the current economic system with the former slave-economy in the southern states of USA? Back then that economy was “too large to fall” … an economy without slaves was unthinkable! But abolition and reform proved to be a matter of a few signatures …. Today, the private banking system is indispensable mentioned by economists …. (read banking system as slave-farming and economists as slavers).

Can I compare the current distribution of capital with the situation that existed in pre-revolutionary France in 1789? Will the “Bastille” be stormed again soon ?

Rich people are only willing to work very hard if they can earn a lot of money, middle-class people are going to work harder when you “take away” money. Therefore  wealthy entrepreneurs like to have employees with children and expensive mortgages in service (as the hourly wage keeps going low, they work more hours to pay off their debts).


What is money ? …….. A medium of exchange ? Something to keep the bailiffs, police, landlord, creditor outside the door? Pressed metal discs ?  Plastic colored paper ?   Digital numbers on a computer screen ? An agreed “concept” that is handled by economists in a “scientific”-way ? 

Is it morally justified when a wealthy stockbroker from his spacious house with lots of foreknowledge and a few clicks on his computer screen “earns” millions of dollars , while he pays his gardener, housekeeper and driver a minimum wage per hour ? 

Meanwhile, I was happy to see the light green spring foliage again.


An empty house for a bird family that has no money, but is not afraid to work themselves for their offspring.


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One thought on “brain exercises

  1. T’is a rigged system for certain. And I’m glad that I’m not the only one who sees it that way. With more and bigger mega-yachts, sports cars, and toys for the super rich being produced every year, there seems to be far too much excess at the top and far too much need at the bottom. History will get around to repeating itself eventually, and with a lot of stupid brutality. But I’m with you Wim, I think humanity needs evolution not revolution.

    All the best to you and your family on this beautiful spring day.


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