Cycle Vision

Just a few weeks …… then there’s Cycle Vision !

I’ve visited the happenings in Lelystad, Zandvoort, Tilburg and Sloten, but now I’ll join the festival on 20 and 21 June in Venray ! Not with one of my recumbents, but with a few of my cameras …

See you there !

Just to get in the mood I searched for some old impressions of the past …..

For some old photos click here for 2003, here for 2004, here for 2005, here for 2006, here for 2007, here for 2009 and here for 2010 !


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    1. Sorry Rich, ik heb je niet meer gezien. Ik ben om een uur of 3 ‘s middags vertrokken. Ik barst nu van de foto’s die nog nabewerkt moeten worden….


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