A trip to “de Achterhoek”.

Visiting my sister in Winterswijk.


She is happy with her new appartement in the center of Winterswijk.

After many years, a Harwig is back in town!


I tried to enlarge a small passport photo of Evert ….


I took the old keystone of “de Haar” (the old farm where my mother was born) with me and installed it in my garden.


I found some info about the initials in an old document …


Now the stone is part of my fountain …


During my visit to the cemetery of Vorden I also made a couple of pictures … see wimharwigphoto.com

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  1. How lovely this post is. So very nice to see Hennie’s apartment. It must be right by the church as I can see it out the window. And, how very special to have the stone from the old farm. Thank you for sharing this!


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