My brother Johan died …

He had problems with his health for some years, but due to his mental disability we had to decide that an operation by the cardiologist was not possible.


He died quiet and peacefully in the afternoon, while watching television in his room on Saturday 30 January. He spent the last decade of his life at Molenkamp 8. 


the funeral card


There was a farewell service in the Resurrection Church in ‘s Heeren Loo.


Johan was buried among the other guys, like our mother told her desire on her deathbed …


A sad day …


Today I picked up his stuff … two boxes and clock … more he did not seem to need … memories of a family that has spread over the years all over the world.


Fortunately Johan always had the love and affection of the caregivers and other people at ‘s Heeren Loo-Lozenoord. 

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