J.W. Minnaard.

My wife wanted to see a young Dutch musician, a singer-songwriter, named J.W. Minnaard. He would perform at a festival in remembrance of the famous Woodstock festival in Middelburg. So we went there and of course, I took my camera with me to see if I could catch some of the Woodstock-ambiance…

My musical taste is determined by the film that conquered the world one year after Woodstock.

The Woodstock-generation enjoying a David Bowie cover (5 years)

Today J.W. Minnaard’s voice was not as I expected it, but he did his best to give the few people an impression of his love for the old sixties-music.
I’m just an amateur photographer, so I did my best to give an impression of his performance (in the open air at daylight, with just a small audience).

Just for fun, I first took some pictures from the stuff that was on the stage.

Then J.W. Minnaard himself got on stage …

In this “Trump-era” it is very necessary that something like Woodstock happens again!

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