Biggest velomobile gathering in the world: “Oliebollentocht “

Jan Trenson made a very nice video of the last “oliebollentocht”. I couldn’t be with them, but hope to participate the next time in December 2020 …

Ever since the first “oliebollentocht”, it has been a tradition for participants to cycle from their home to the trip, to ride the trip themselves and then cycle back home. For me that means cycling a lot of kilometers in a short time.

A velomobile is designed to be able to continue cycling even in winter conditions. Only if the snow is about 8 centimeters high does it become problematic …

Due to climate change, the last winters have become softer, but in the past I have done around 40 ty-wraps around the driven tire to prevent the tire from slipping in the snow. Fortunately, the cycling culture in the Netherlands is so good that the cycle paths are quickly swept free of snow.

Jan, thanks voor the video-upload !

For fun, an old video of me while I’m panting through a thick pack of snow on my commute route.

update 3 Januari 2020 : a video made by Alve Henricson with lots of famous recumbentriders …

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