You are a scout for the rest of your life … once a scout; always a scout! That’s why it’s good to organize a reunion once in a while … and that’s what will happen this year! On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the group.

All info can be found here

In 1974, the David G Alford group had fallen to a minimum number of members.
That was because in the previous years a great deal of (much needed) attention had been paid to the accommodation where the boy scouts met every Saturday.
After Bert Turfboer had taken the lead and very skillfully let Bert Beck and me enthusiastically help to maintain the scouting idea with a great deal of humor and conviviality (despite the rough 1970s for the youth), the group expanded again into a healthy scouting group.
I am very grateful to this scouting group. I learned a lot in a playful way during my adolescence! Even smoking … what I still do … once a smoker: always a smoker.
(but not on this reunion)

I hope to see many old scouts again … it has been so long ago …

update 13 Januari :

My older brother Jaap, who played an important role for the group in the early 1960s, will also be present! He comes all the way from the Republic of South Africa, the country where Lord Baden-Powell drew inspiration for the boy scout idea.

A few photos from the past …

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