Expressions of the fight against the Covid-19 virus

In this Corona era, a farewell reception for someone retiring looks like this … Everyone outside at a safe distance from each other, no shaking hands, no pat on the back, etc. Fortunately a lot of humor and nice speeches. Roel: I hope you can enjoy your well-deserved retirement for a long time in goodContinue reading “Expressions of the fight against the Covid-19 virus”

a professional photographer

Friends came to visit. Coincidentally, Ellen Brandwijk is a professional photographer.While we were chatting in the garden, she quickly took some pictures and before I could see what she was doing with her camera, she was ready. The conversation was not interrupted by the shooting.This is how professionals work, … imperceptibly!She used a simple 50Continue reading “a professional photographer”

Hitch's birthday !

He is seven years old! Our dog Hitch … named after Christopher Hitchins. And just like Christopher Hitchens, he allows me to see the relativity of social human society on a daily basis.Hitch communicates it in the typical dog way … a friendly lick in my face, an attentive look in his eyes, lying quietlyContinue reading “Hitch's birthday !”


Last Sunday I travelled to Westdorpe, a small village in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, to visit a cosy blues cafe called ” ‘t Oude Raedhuis “. There would be a performance by the Gritmoaners! Of course, I took my camera with me, because “If I can’t take my camera … I won’t go!” It was organised by “”Continue reading “Gritmoaners”

Retired and then enjoy living in France!

A former fellow student of Marjan is retired and has decided to live in the South of France … during our vacation we visited her. Her house has more or less remained in its original state as it was bought years ago. I tried to capture the romantic and inviting appearance. Nowadays she’s living likeContinue reading “Retired and then enjoy living in France!”

farewell meeting for Marjan’s pension in a bar …

an impression in photos   It’s hard to get some important moments (without flash) inside a typically old Dutch bar…   I like to make portraits the most… Some situations need to be edited during post-processing …     many photos will be special because some people are rarely photographed…     new and oldContinue reading “farewell meeting for Marjan’s pension in a bar …”