a professional photographer

Friends came to visit. Coincidentally, Ellen Brandwijk is a professional photographer.
While we were chatting in the garden, she quickly took some pictures and before I could see what she was doing with her camera, she was ready. The conversation was not interrupted by the shooting.
This is how professionals work, … imperceptibly!
She used a simple 50 mm lens, the camera-settings were set by experience and in the meantime she just kept talking.
A few hours later she already sent the result of those few seconds via WhatsApp …

She can’t make me beautiful and she doesn’t have to at all; I am not a movie star. I’m just me, myself, I.
The beauty of factual photography is that the value only becomes clear years later … Honest and factual will always win from glamor and fake.
It was a fun and interesting experience during our chat !

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too old to die young, but still making love and not war

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