Hitch's birthday !

He is seven years old! Our dog Hitch … named after Christopher Hitchins.

And just like Christopher Hitchens, he allows me to see the relativity of social human society on a daily basis.
Hitch communicates it in the typical dog way … a friendly lick in my face, an attentive look in his eyes, lying quietly by my bed until I wake up, looking at me questioningly when it’s time for a walk together, etc .
Hitch makes me aware that I am just a simple part of life on Earth, prone to the corona virus, prone to hubris, prone to false prophets, and prone to a dog’s affection …

Published by wim harwig

too old to die young, but still making love and not war

One thought on “Hitch's birthday !

  1. I recently read a Christian Apologist’s post, where he claimed humanity’s (and his) special place in creation by saying that animals had no conscious awareness, and were unable to communicate. You have a lovely dog, and it’s probably smarter than him. 🙂

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