He had the same first name as me: Wim.
I have worked with him for about 7 months and since this weekend he will leave the team to go back to his old familiar workplace in Eindhoven.
At the last minute, I was able to take a few photos in which he is in a position that is typical of him. For hours and hours, he has been watching the calciner in this position.

Wim – I am a lunch-bag – Koensen

Wim, … houdoe !

Published by wim harwig

too old to die young, but still making love and not war

4 thoughts on “Wim

  1. Bedankt Wim voor die mooie woorden en foto’s.
    Jij zelf bent echt een sterke personality die zijn mensen op de juiste manier weet te motiveren.u was een baas zonder echt een baas te zijn .bedankt ik nog de laatste maanden met u mocht werken .

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