It is done!

My work at Petrogas is over … The project has been successfully completed. Fortunately, everything has been carried out without major accidents … Of course, much remains to be cleaned up and residual material to be removed, but our task to process all free phosphorus into phosphoric acid has been completed.

If a manager posts this on Instagram, it is clear that he is happy that the project is finished.
(stolen from Instagram)

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, the farewell has been very sober, but I have spent the last year with good colleagues who worked in an unreliable installation. As an operator it is a nice challenge to burn phosphorus and phosphorus sludge in an old improvised, worn-out, exhausted and unreliable installation.

the very last phosphorus is taken from the container
The last container with scraped phosphorus is empty!
Houdoe (keep well)
(stolen from Whatsapp)

Fortunately, there was always a colleague who was able to come up with an inventive solution to a problem that arose. We always managed to keep the installation running with duck tape, tywraps, band-it, linatex, hose clamps, electrical bridges and a lot of curses and rants.
The responsible managers sensed when to act and when to look the other way, a trait that cannot be learned, but only arises through experience …

A print that can only be made by a committed manager
“fire from your slippers”

(stolen from Instagram)

I wish all colleagues a good and healthy future!

Most of my Thermphos-photos can be found here .

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4 thoughts on “It is done!

  1. Leuke site! Heel leuk beschreven. Ik heb er al vaker op gekeken. Als moeder van een van de werknemers heb ik de laatste periode min of meer van dichtbij gevolgd. Wel veel weemoed denk ik bij mensen die een groot deel van hun leven hier gewerkt hebben.

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  2. Hier ligt een groot stuk van je leven. Veel herinneringen komen dan langs. Je hebt heel wat kilometers afgelegd met je mooie rode ligfiets en veel mooie foto’s geschoten. Foto’s met een verhaal.
    Ben je nu aan je pensioen toe?
    Groeten van ons !

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