My walk through life …

I didn’t see a path through my life … it arose when I just walked …

and hopefully, my path will disappear for my offspring because I used a lot of stuff that polluted … Sorry, but my excuses would be useless for them … a better path for future generations can be found in the next video


Too many people, friends, teachers, etc. showed me how it should be and told me what to see. It was my shortcoming that I didn’t take the time to think for myself and ask questions. In that respect I am just a simple village boy from the Achterhoek.

Born during a baby boom, a school class had 40 children and little personal attention.
No teachers showing me where to look …

Good teachers were at the Boy Scouting, but there was not enough time. Society in the Netherlands demanded obedience from adolescents and directed young people towards a neo-liberal economy. It was a result of Marshall aid. Only a few young people in the big cities called “provos” escaped social discipline.



Then there came a time when I wouldn’t sit for a month …

The realization does not come at once, it comes at intervals, but increasingly clear and with the same conclusion : “Imagine, but don’t believe”

Mostly it concerned technical problems at work.

Then I started to become a teacher for others … I started to show them WHERE to look.

I discovered that 90% of people DID NOT WANT to look. They formed the masses. The 10% who looked and discovered thoughtful solutions themselves will remember me as one of their teachers… I hope.



I totally agree !


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too old to die young, but still making love and not war

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