Normandy, France.

We went travelling for a few days with our old camper. After months of unemployment in our small family bubble in a world with COVID-19 and many sterile job applications, the need to see a different environment was great. The general advice is to avoid crowds and therefore Normandy seemed a suitable target.

Le Cap Gris-Nez was clearly too busy with vulnerable people for COVID-19

The first night we stayed in the beautiful forest near Guines. This forest is a good example of the way a large mixed forest is maintained in a fairly natural way in such a way that modern people can recreate (Nordic walking, mountain biking, jogging, walking, dog walking, etc.) and at the same time, the natural environment beneath it does not suffer too many adverse effects.


The next day we drove to La Roche d’Oëtre in Normandy.

Due to the many WhatsApp use it was possible that we met our daughter and her friend (who was also on vacation) here.

Then we went to the beach at Sémaphore de Jardeheu.

Here you are in the middle of the Channel, where the largest and most important shipping routes run along. A beautiful coast with red granite, where thousands of gannets flew by on their way to the English Islands. Many local fishermen were busy collecting fish with their small maneuverable boats. For my own convenience, I forget that there is a huge nuclear power plant nearby … at home I also live near Borsele.

As will be clear, I enjoyed making photos …

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