old negatives with many fond memories

The rising fascism and the putting of the human economy above the natural pandemic annoys me terribly. Modern digital social media has destroyed the human capacity for news gathering, consultation and collaboration.

To put things into perspective, to find a bit more distraction and to get through the current long dark winter evenings I took the many collection books with negatives and started scanning with an old scanner (Rollei DF-S 310 SE).

Most of the negatives I have never printed. And I still didn’t … you see these on your screen now, not printed on paper 😉

All photos were made on Kodak Tri-X, exposed as 1600 ASA. I used a Canon AE1-program with different Canon lenses.

In the old days in analog photography, it was the power of the photographer in the darkroom who could decide which negative deserved to be printed on the expensive white paper. That power has been severely undermined by digital technology.

Nowadays, every picture is quickly considered beautiful. There is nothing to be earned with good photography and I believe that people no longer even recognize a quality photo.

Because of the commercial industry, everyone thinks that with a “good” camera (or even a phone) you can automatically take good photos.

Unfortunately, it means that people no longer value the craftsmanship of a photographer and that makes that the media get their “pictures” from cheap stock-photo sites.

Through inheritance I also have a lot of negatives from ancestors. These are also fun to study …

Mariekerk stranded in 1966 on “het Nollehoofd” in front of the Boulevard in Vlissingen, so this film must have been developed in that year.

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too old to die young, but still making love and not war

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