Thermphos B/W

“Follow the Money” is now investigating everything about the bankruptcy of the company. And what happened next …  I have extracted a few pictures of former colleagues from my archives … As I now read how economic crows try to get as much money out of the dead body of Thermphos as possible …. ,Continue reading “Thermphos B/W”

coloring an old B&W photo

Lochem , 1930.   I made a photo of this photo that I found in an old album from my sister ….   My mother 16 years old. She paid this official portrait photo of her first salary that she earned as a chambermaid. It was made at a local photography-shop in Lochem, the Netherlands.Continue reading “coloring an old B&W photo”

some 100 years ago

  And a hundred years later you can still see that the photographer did not work neatly in developing and printing this photo. The picture was taken at Zwolle train station, according to the letters ZL on the board. When I see this, I tend to print photos in my dark room in the old-fashionedContinue reading “some 100 years ago”

Wooden ships …

I walked around for about an hour at Hendrik Willem van Loon Hardzeildag 2017   maybe I should have spent more time because it’s a perfect place for photographers …..     maybe next year …       Black&White !       Don’t forget to hold one end of the rope 😉   Continue reading “Wooden ships …”


A few months ago I started  brushing my work boots regularly ….. Every time I think back to my father, who about 53 years ago explained how to brush my shoes ! Working boots are not working …  It’s me that will have to let them work !