a short trip through France …

We were in France, near Cap Gris-Nez …   our overnight place was at Parking Bois de Guines …   red beech …     modern way to “enjoy nature” …     “laat niet als dank voor het aangenaam verpozen, ons de blikken en de dozen”…   Cap Gris-Nez …     Looking acrossContinue reading “a short trip through France …”

autumn in the Ardennes

We have been to the Ardennes to realize that autumn has started.  In the forests, the change between seasons is much clearer than along the coastline where we live.   This area is a lovely pace to visit ; “Tombeau du Géant” near Bouillon.   Our dog stays back and forth between us, so thatContinue reading “autumn in the Ardennes”