you don’t see them often anymore …

I think this kind of beautiful plants should be found in every garden.     In Western Europe there are far too many gardens with only grass and paving. “Neat,” is how the people judge about their “garden”.     Fortunately I am in possession of a natural garden with lots of colorful plants, fruitContinue reading “you don’t see them often anymore …”

One of the caves at Jánovas

Years ago, engineers started to make big drain channels near Jánovas that would belong to the future water reservoir. During construction, it was decided to stop the work. Thus it has remained as a useless cave of about 100 meters in length. It was 32 degrees Celcius outside, so I decided to cool off inContinue reading “One of the caves at Jánovas”

only footprints

De gele hoornpapaver (Glaucium flavum) is een plant uit de papaverfamilie (Papaveraceae). Het is een plant die typisch voorkomt op vloedmerken. In Nederland is de plant zeldzaam en staat deze op de rode lijst als zeer zeldzaam en stabiel of iets toegenomen. In 2005 werden op Neeltje Jans een honderdtal planten aangetroffen. Voorheen kwamen daar slechts enkele planten voor.          Continue reading “only footprints”