Good old cycling times.

When I first saw these videos, I had to laugh ! They show the British bicycle culture as it was way back in 1955. If you’re too old to die young, then you’ll go back in memory when seeing these two vid’s ……… Nowadays there are a lot of car-drivers in England who just hateContinue reading “Good old cycling times.”

easter meeting (paastreffen)

What is wrong with an old man who is cycling 200 kilometers in the rain to a meeting of recumbent-riders, sleeping in a tent at freezing temperatures for 3 nights and then cycling the same 200 km’s back home , while at the same time he has a comfortable camper available ????? He likes cyclingContinue reading “easter meeting (paastreffen)”

Shimano sandal with cleat

Today I bought these sandals. I only heard positive things about these sandals in velomobiles by users.  So now I can find out myself….. I have thought of the simple idea to make something like Gary did…….. ……but when I realized that Rob Thomson already tested the Shimano sandels to the extreme on his travelsContinue reading “Shimano sandal with cleat”

maiden trip from Dronten to Vlissingen

I ordered a Quest at and found out that I was supposed to wait for three years according to the order-list. Luckily it took only two years in practice, because many buyers order their second, third or more quests for a certain year. So when cleaned up their order-list it showed mine toContinue reading “maiden trip from Dronten to Vlissingen”

Quest 215

Quest number 215 is being build this week. About 6000 euro’s have left our bank-account today 😦 , so next week I’ll be able to make the maiden-voyage from Dronten to Vlissingen 😉 . This first ride will be about 300 / 350 km. Daylight lasts till 18.30, so the LED-lightning system will have toContinue reading “Quest 215”